Hey Kids, Moms, Dads!

At Living Faith Kids, our purpose is to reach boys and girls with the Good News of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone.   And help them in their journey with the Savior teaching them to walk in His ways.

Living Faith Kids is a Church program designed for kids 4 years old through 6th Grade.  We meet during Church service at 10:30 am to pray, sing praises to our Savior, and learn more about our faith called the Christian walk using God's Word, the Bible.  We often use curriculum written by Child Evangelism Fellowship® to learn more about this amazing Bible and the living God whom we want to serve and copy!  Each lesson is designed to teach the unsaved child as well as the saved child with emphasis on bringing the child to meet the Savior personally and to make Him the Boss of their lives.  In order to minister to each child, we ask that children be registered.  


KIDS BORED?  Here are some ways to help them: 

One organization that has a special mail-in Bible study club for kids is through Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in Warrenton, MO.   This is highly recommended for those children who are wanting to learn more outside of the church setting.

CEF Truth Chasers Club

The CEF Truth Chasers Club is an exciting through-the-mail discipleship ministry for children and adults. It began in 1999 as a follow-up course for the spiritual growth of children who had been introduced to the Gospel through The Wonder Book™ and has grown to reach over 255,000 people in more than 130 countries. Twenty-five percent of the students are adults, while ten percent are prisoners.


The CEF Truth Chasers Club includes six different age-related series of lessons, which are available in English, Spanish, large print and Braille. A series consists of seven to ten lessons, for which there is no charge.

After the student completes and mails in the first lesson, it is processed by a volunteer who prays for any needs the student might have, writes an encouraging note, and sends a new lesson. Students are awarded certificates as they complete each lesson series.

Each child needs to enroll in the program and provide a working mailing address.

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A great listening program for kids is Your Story Hour.  The dramatic stories are available about missionaries, Bible stories and even historical dramas about our founding fathers.  Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan tell the stories in a fun way.  Type in www.yourstoryhour.org into your search browser.